The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 61

Its getting real up in here!! We are getting ready to hook up permanent power and run water lines! This house is going to need a few more final touches and then its gonna be a wrap. We have everything prepared for some paint and once thats done we are calling in the electricians! We are having an awesome time with this project but its gonna be super epic when its done! Thanks for watching!!!
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  • I wanna know what the bill is for all that expensive blue painters tape. They must have used 7 miles of that stuff ! Place is looking great, thumbs up !

    augustaugust24 dagar sedan
  • Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries are interchangeable just some information for you guys

    Christian babbittChristian babbitt25 dagar sedan
  • Man pops is so happy all the time I really love seeing you all together having a laugh always smiling he does so much for you guys it’s so loving and the fuel tank in them is dope also Woah them stairs looking fly and DeWalt is makes nice tools as I use them all time

    curtis wilcockcurtis wilcock26 dagar sedan
  • In Portugal, those 100 gallons, would take you above 800 USD :p

    André RamosAndré Ramos26 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure you already know but use red (off road) diesel. it does not have road tax applied to the cost. Same fuel but about $.75 cent cheaper per gallon.

    j jonesj jonesMånad sedan
  • I love the darker lines in the stairs, the contrast really makes it pop

    Mitchell MinshewMitchell MinshewMånad sedan
  • You're velcome.

    MegaDirtybertyMegaDirtybertyMånad sedan
  • You really shouldn't smooth them steps out you'll regret it when you fall down them trust me it hurts

    Ronald PuttyRonald PuttyMånad sedan
  • Are you guys going to put the fuel tank in the f450 or leave it in pops truck ?

    Justin McMillanJustin McMillanMånad sedan
  • Someone needs to make a supercut of him saying "Welcome to the channel," " Goonzquad Headquarters". The inflection of his voice on every intro is exactly the same.

    SkinnerSkinnerMånad sedan
  • Billy with lip gloss, stop listen to Your woman Man 😁😁😁

  • Stair treads look nice except for all of the nail holes you can clearly see............ Fail.

    AMGPilotAMGPilotMånad sedan
  • Cafu here in dubai😁

    FiRetraiLFiRetraiLMånad sedan
  • happy to see yall got the transfer tank, those are invaluable, so much easier than the jugs

    Declan kotDeclan kotMånad sedan
  • I wanna see when yall do the countertops, thats the one thing I've never done, I always hire someone to do it since I'm a one man show, also why in the world would you switch from milwaukee to dewalt

    Declan kotDeclan kotMånad sedan
  • Shout out to the goon squad girls !,!!!!!

    Karl WaltonKarl WaltonMånad sedan
  • so no one thinks there on to somethng with that uber fuel idea?????

    Dondre AlleyneDondre AlleyneMånad sedan
  • I knew Ford was dog water but not that dog water for the tailgate to open slowly

    Passit2connor 97Passit2connor 97Månad sedan
  • Cool

    Tessa LawrenceTessa LawrenceMånad sedan
  • I love those steel toe sandals you are wearing. Must be super comfortable 😝😆

    A W SabeanA W SabeanMånad sedan
  • "Pops" Crew: Did you see "Pops" spent $800!! Theres nothing stopping him!!

    Paul GiardinoPaul GiardinoMånad sedan
  • Who were the helpers?

    Sayyid sahalSayyid sahalMånad sedan
  • whats with the chirokey build

    josip ladanjosip ladanMånad sedan
  • Im the CNC Programmer at GPI! Smart buy! Nice product. It should give you years of reliable performance.

    Daddy WarbucksDaddy WarbucksMånad sedan
  • Best internet dad!!!!!!!

    Peter EganPeter EganMånad sedan
  • Should buy red diesel it’s cheaper

    Thegamersunited01Thegamersunited01Månad sedan
  • Daang son that chandelier is huge

    Skiridr22Skiridr22Månad sedan
  • I appreciate the one who does all the intros, super positive. Definitely adds a unique vibe to the channel that you dont see too much these days. Yall are true Americans ✌🏼

    Jake StidhamJake StidhamMånad sedan
  • You need to put OFF ROAD FUEL! in the tank for your equipment! It’s a lot cheaper & it’s legal

    Wayne johnsonWayne johnsonMånad sedan
  • I do not think you will be happy using any kind of power sander on the oak since you are staining it. You definitely only want to sand with the grain. I think you might see all of the swirl marks. You are using just a poly so that might hide the swirls better then staining a dark stain. You seem happy with the result so I guess it turned out ok.

    Russell's CornerRussell's CornerMånad sedan
  • Where the hose rubs on the paint from the gas tank I would suggest putting some ppf. Our truck at work is all scratched in the spot where the hose rubs when filling a machine.

    Aaron BangaAaron BangaMånad sedan
  • Your Mom and Dad must be PROUD of their boys. You guys deserve to have it all I celebrate in your blessings...

    Kula HawaiiKula HawaiiMånad sedan
  • When are you removing those decals from the windows ??? They are baking a spot on the glass

    NefNefMånad sedan
  • 15:30 , the moment after you step out of the bathroom and realized something is not right......

    NefNefMånad sedan
  • Gas tank is a perfect idea for you guys!

    Ethan MacherasEthan MacherasMånad sedan
  • Dddddaaaaasannnnnggggg ssssooooooonnnnnn every thing is getting a trim.

    NefNefMånad sedan
  • I think you guys should invest in some heavy gates and fences around the house and decide where and what, you got quite a lot of expensive stuff laying around and inside the house .

    Gray FilteredGray FilteredMånad sedan
  • Nice job man🛠🏗

    Goonzquadgtr GtrGoonzquadgtr GtrMånad sedan
  • Grease the pin that goes into the bucket. way easier to put on and off.

    CameronCameronMånad sedan
  • we love you

    Mamud KamaraMamud KamaraMånad sedan
  • You should get off road fuel for the equipment it’s a little cheaper no road tax on it RED FUEL

    James MJames MMånad sedan
  • IDK about you guyz but I didnt see any digging..

    FrenzyIncarnateFrenzyIncarnateMånad sedan
  • Dudes use the Red fuel for your off road equipment all it is is home heating oil. The difference is there is no road tax on in. It will save you $. However do not run the red fuel in any thing that goes over the road if they catch you they fine the hell out of you.

    Henry CarterHenry CarterMånad sedan
  • Who else thinks they shouldn't add handrails? Edit : wait am I a dumbass ?... Do they mean on the 2nd floor ? 😂😂😂

    StiffysGTStiffysGTMånad sedan
    • @John Stedman just so u know this isn’t a 200 word essay 😂😂😂

      StiffysGTStiffysGTMånad sedan
    • Safety Regulations for handrails and balustrades in residential buildings are set out in the relevant sections of the current local Building Codes, and require protection along any otherwise open sides of staircases with more than three risers, and around all open edges of openings in floors through which stairs rise. The Regulations include minimum and maximum heights of balustrades, the lateral loadings which they must be able to withstand, the maximum allowed width of any gaps in the balustrades or railings, and other Rules. The house will not pass Final Inspection and will not be granted a Certificate of Occupancy until all such Safety Requirements are substantially met.

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • I worked as a trim carpenter for 10 years. Next time glue the outside corners.

    Xavier XiXavier XiMånad sedan
  • Those edison bulbs look like a copy of the Phillips Dubai lamps...only sold in Dubai. 200 lumens per watt. almost double the output of previous led tech.

    Joe's JunkJoe's JunkMånad sedan
  • you dont silicone the trim, you caulk it

    Bradley BatesBradley BatesMånad sedan
  • I quit watching the house build after episode 9 . Just googled to see if there almost done so I'll see ya next month when I check back hope ya back to cars. Ps house looks good

    James ybarraJames ybarraMånad sedan
  • Hey guys what happened to the 370z?

    Mark CariñoMark CariñoMånad sedan
  • 😴

    B-rad BB-rad BMånad sedan
  • See pops on video always brighten me. He’s so warm and cheerful. Mom too is a vibe. I love her smiles. Big ups to the Goonzquad family😍❤️

    Louis OLouis OMånad sedan
  • Now it seems they just keep showing off how much money they have. Must be nice to have that kind of money while some of us have to worry if our house is going to fall down.

    kcraptor82kcraptor82Månad sedan
    • I see no abnormality in the level of resourcing which Goonzquad have committed to this project. Turning a dilapidated unfinished shell into a modern residence in a location such as this will always involve a significant level of financing. When complete, the property will have an improved asset value which more than justifies the investment which has been made over the eight month development process.

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Buy fuel for off road use, save the road taxes added.

    LeeLeeMånad sedan
  • Seeing mama give the thumbs up on the cabinets made it the best video in the series.

    Kenta HansenKenta HansenMånad sedan
  • 100% should not be covering or taping freshely finished wood. that should air cure for a few days first.

    Rich ZellmerRich ZellmerMånad sedan
  • Love the quality time you spend with your dad.. God bless ya both

    Robert SmithRobert SmithMånad sedan
  • Proud of you guys and all the accomplishments you have made on your new home. I think of you whenever I headed to Chattanooga. Inspiring to watch. I am working on my own projects. I enjoy you guys. Great job, I know your parents are proud of you.

    susanjenkins2233susanjenkins2233Månad sedan
  • Good Job Simeon and Eleazar ! The house looks Great 👍

    GameBred DuramaxGameBred DuramaxMånad sedan
  • The batteries that make the dewalt batteries are the same type of batteries inside tessla batteries the only difference is the casing and packaging

    war2deathwar2deathMånad sedan
  • Come on get rid of the cheep dewalt tools that will break over time get the good quality Milwaukee tools

    Will KlineWill KlineMånad sedan
  • I just lost my dad suddenly before christmas, i love seeing your pops with you enjoying all of these moments! Treasure them guys!

    John CanifordJohn CanifordMånad sedan
  • When are you guys going to get back to car rebuilds

    Mad FishMad FishMånad sedan
  • Where's the new video today? I've been waiting

    jessica Hollowayjessica HollowayMånad sedan
    • Goonzquad drop their videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, usually around lunchtime Eastern Standard Time, which is five hours behind GMT (UTC)

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Glass instead of hand rails would be sick!!

    Derieck ReidDerieck ReidMånad sedan
  • I have a 90 gallon tank on my bed with the filler pump but also a transfer to the main tank. I can road trip pretty much everywhere I want without stopping for diesel.

    James HalfhorseJames HalfhorseMånad sedan
  • $300 nothing were £1.14 a litre and you get 4.5 litres to a UK gallon £564 to fill the tank or $766.39 over here.

    ryzo mcgregorryzo mcgregorMånad sedan
  • DANG son. How long till the garage build is going to start??

    elrey327elrey327Månad sedan
    • Goonzquad will probably want to finish all the outstanding works on the 'HQ House', and then move in, before getting involved in another sizeable construction project. This should be possible in February 2021, but the winter weather on this elevated and exposed site may inhibit progress with excavations for drainage, other services, foundations and the ground bearing slab for another month or two. It is not usually practical to undertake such external works in waterlogged or frozen terrain.

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Between this, life uncontained, Camarata, lets dig and abandoned mansion I think am ready to take on the contractor exam or even build a house

    Mundu Wa SkutaMundu Wa SkutaMånad sedan
  • If you are only running diesel in the equipment save yourself some $ and fill tank with off-road fuel

    DustinDustinMånad sedan
  • I am commenting while watching. To bad I wasn't there to give you guys some advise. Never use silicone on parts that need to be painted you as car guys should know that. The paint will give trouble to stick on that

    Leon VerdonschotLeon VerdonschotMånad sedan
  • Pops never uses GPS. He decides where he is.

    John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Why didn't you just glue the skirting boards? You guys make it hard on yourselves. I always paint them end glue them with MS Polymer glue. I only have to paint the joints afterwards. And don't need to fill anything

    Leon VerdonschotLeon VerdonschotMånad sedan
  • You need to reweld than rebore that bucket

    carl gruvercarl gruverMånad sedan
  • Where is Chief?

    Rudy BoyRudy BoyMånad sedan
  • Need to put a fuel filter on the drag tank.

    itzmischiefy0itzmischiefy0Månad sedan
  • all the best for you, guys

    MagO jrMagO jrMånad sedan
  • do cars again :(

    GoldenviewsGoldenviewsMånad sedan
  • Can y’all rebuild ether a Toyota 86, or a frs, or a brz

    Phasma GamerPhasma GamerMånad sedan
  • Horrible quality Oak used for those stair treads, looks like No.1 Common. Should have gone with Clear grade White/Red Oak material. Would have looked so much nicer and aesthetically pleasing against the White kitchen cabinets. Also, there's a chance that when you peal that blue tape off the stairs you're going to pull the finish up with the tape, Green tape works better but it may not be an issue with the water based urethane. Personally I would have recommended an oil based finish, I wouldn't use waterbase finish in my closets.

    gman03887gman03887Månad sedan
  • when are you going back to repairing vehicles?

    Mike FlandersMike FlandersMånad sedan
  • more pops !!!

    Marlon EvansMarlon EvansMånad sedan
  • How does it feel to have 2.3 million subs? 2.3 million people thats crazy. Been with yall since the first build. Made a new account since but holy shit. What 2 million in a year or a year and a half well shit

    Billy RijbroekBilly RijbroekMånad sedan
  • If your a vehicle operator you should be able to rub it done. Have it that way.

    James ConnellyJames ConnellyMånad sedan
  • 2022: dewalt comes out with the all electric dewalt model d

    Sterling StaufferSterling StaufferMånad sedan
  • When you guys going to spread stone over that mud?

    Terry BarrettTerry BarrettMånad sedan
  • What these guys don't realise is that inside those DeWalt batteries are the same battery cells as they use in a tesla car...

    Explore-with-meExplore-with-meMånad sedan
  • God bless both of you

    quickreview withtravelquickreview withtravelMånad sedan
  • see this

    الساحر العجيبالساحر العجيبMånad sedan

    الساحر العجيبالساحر العجيبMånad sedan
  • see this

    الساحر العجيبالساحر العجيبMånad sedan
  • Ayyyy pretty sure I just saw your guys house on my way to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga

    Daniel BairdDaniel BairdMånad sedan
  • 20:54 I thought they was opening a mini trampoline 😂

    Shhhlong DeekShhhlong DeekMånad sedan
  • Love it but miss the cars! Can you pour slab for new garage while you finish the house?

    Ed NepveuxEd NepveuxMånad sedan
  • How satisfying is it to watch the steps get stained at 6:23?

    cliff giordanecliff giordaneMånad sedan
  • Them hoodies must be permanently sold out😂😂 everytime I check the site they're gone

    cliff giordanecliff giordaneMånad sedan
  • Y’all are bad ass duuuuude! What can’t y’all do?

    Matt GramataMatt GramataMånad sedan
  • Why don't you guys start working on that helicopter now that would be a build and then learn how to fly it

    Devereux BatrootDevereux BatrootMånad sedan
    • They are still waiting for the certified replacement components for the R22 powerplant, and will then be required to work under the supervision of a qualified helicopter technician who will have to oversee, check, approve and certify all the work. Obtaining their Pilots' Licences will be a long and expensive process which will ideally be carried out in spring and summer weather conditions when visibility is at its maximum.

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Hey Goon Squad'". I thought you guys build exotic cars not a building show, Construction,what's up with that your gonna,go out of business if you keep this up !? Just saying? ( FYI. Put in house alarm if you want to keep your stuff safe . While you still can .............

    Devereux BatrootDevereux BatrootMånad sedan
  • You should rebuild Tesla!

    ZyrppaZyrppaMånad sedan
  • boss bass

    kondor buildzkondor buildzMånad sedan