The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 63

Now this is what we've been waiting for!!! We are starting to turn this interior into something super epic!!! Now that we finished the entire paint job, we are ready to light this whole entire house up. After all of the lighting is in then it'll be time for some countertops and so on and so forth. We are super happy to make it this far and we cant wait to show you whats next!!! Thanks For Watching!
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  • That thing with the piece of wood sticking out in the master-bedroom.... it must be an American thing, I have never seen that anywhere... in Europe, well Denmark it’s mostly stuccoed ceilings thats a “thing”, in the older buildings from 1850 and forward...maby older... but you can of course get the plastic knock off...thats not style 😆

    Bo AndresenBo Andresen5 timmar sedan
  • An inspector should have catch that water suply missed, keep up the good work, greetings from Mexicali

    Damacio LaraDamacio Lara13 dagar sedan
  • Simon: 🎶🎵"IIIII'm gonna swiiiiing from this Chandeliiiiier, this Chandeliiiiier!" 🎶🎵 Billy: "NO, YOU'RE NOT!" Simon: "Ohhh.... 😞"

    Tommaso SiriguTommaso Sirigu15 dagar sedan
  • Dad in the background. Priceless. 😄😄😄 I love it. God bless everyone.

    James.James.17 dagar sedan
  • Pops...LOLOLOL

    Dan AshcroftDan Ashcroft17 dagar sedan
  • That’s a lot of white.

    jay stretchjay stretch18 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Goonzquad. Reviewed a lot of beverage / wine fridges and decided to go with this model. It was a great decision. Love the light - it is so quiet! Keeps everything cool at the correct temps. So happy with this product. Thanks boys! Now we too have a great bar fridge!

    Robert LaraRobert Lara18 dagar sedan
  • You guys should add heated water spickets outside!!

    Jack DietrichJack Dietrich23 dagar sedan
  • You guys have been blessed with the coolest Dad!

    Shaneil PalShaneil Pal24 dagar sedan
  • Those are called Newfie stilts 😎

  • Woah man the finish of the paint awesome pops is here again yeeeaaaaa so neat seeing the family again 😊 danggggggg this is so awesome and that lights is sweet aswell as the fridge 😱😍😍 and I have smart sockets they are so amazing. Pops is super funny in the box at end of vid made me giggle like a little girl 😂😆

    curtis wilcockcurtis wilcock26 dagar sedan
  • Why do you use rollers and brushes for the rest? If you have all the spraying equipment already anyway?

    Ulli MUlli M27 dagar sedan
  • I’m still on catch up, Pt.68 out as I’m watching rn. But man these guys are him king to watch. Also the house looks completely different from when they started

    Just EliteJust Elite27 dagar sedan
  • Pops at the end 😅

    Michael BlackburnMichael Blackburn27 dagar sedan
  • Pops in a box, has hijacked the show.

    look0look029 dagar sedan
  • That place would be a great place to have a Kegger in the summer! People skinny dipping on a hot day in your pond! Yeah I miss being young! The next day you have a massive clean up party!

    David ReganDavid Regan29 dagar sedan
  • Lol @ dad in the box.

    chris ediedrichchris ediedrich29 dagar sedan
  • Pops the 🐐

    Zero TrysZero TrysMånad sedan
  • Pops dancing in the background at the end is one of the best things on the internet. I think he learned his moves from the milk carton in the Coffee and TV video. Amazing!

    Thomas GillespieThomas GillespieMånad sedan
  • enjoying more and more the incorporation of your parents into the videos.... you will appreciate it when you can look back on it after you have kids.

    jimmykoljimmykolMånad sedan
  • Hahahaha your dad is so cool...

    Jevy RamosJevy RamosMånad sedan
  • Pops reminded me of the kids movie Box Trolls

    YamamaR1YamamaR1Månad sedan
  • They are being super nice about it but how did both the contractor and the plumber not realize that there was no water line for the toilet or sink in a bathroom?? 😒🤣🤣

    Justin GreenawayJustin GreenawayMånad sedan
  • You're velcome

    MegaDirtybertyMegaDirtybertyMånad sedan
  • The best part the end without a doubt xD

    Luis GonzalezLuis GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Pops rockin

    Lovell AugustinLovell AugustinMånad sedan
  • U should make the trim the same color as the outside trim

    BadazzspikeBadazzspikeMånad sedan
  • Hey guys I've been a huge fan for about 3 years now, I love everything you do, you know when to switch it up to make it fresh. Just a little advise your supposed to use the brush and cut in corners then roll the rest.

    Shane SnoufferShane SnoufferMånad sedan
  • Pops is so gangster 🤣 He's just dancing

    Paul BravoPaul BravoMånad sedan
  • So y'all are the reason why theres a shortage in white paint in the area

    Dave DuarteDave DuarteMånad sedan
  • Put some rails up around the stairs, guys. Loving the content!

    cenleilencenleilenMånad sedan
  • Box dad is an entire vibe.

    JSmooVE3990JSmooVE3990Månad sedan
  • Lmfao pops killed me at the end wearing the LANBO box. Jokes, he must be reading the comments because he's quickly loving being apart of the channel more and more, and so do we! But mannn, this house is looking damn near complete! Ouuu those lights look good!

    Octane StreetOctane StreetMånad sedan
  • I just watched paint drying. Dang son. Great work boys & Pops!

    Brendan FlemingBrendan FlemingMånad sedan
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍😷😷😷😷😷🏡🏡🏡🏡🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    Marlon GreenMarlon GreenMånad sedan
  • Pops get a thumb up!!

    hkpower75hkpower75Månad sedan
  • “epicer” and pops in a box .... 😂😂😂

    Adam AshlockAdam AshlockMånad sedan
  • What year lanbo is that in the background? Lol!🤣😂

    Ak's GARAGEAk's GARAGEMånad sedan
  • Bored..

    Robert MRobert MMånad sedan
  • Paint and light fixture look great! Small refrigerator is awesome!

    Ethan MacherasEthan MacherasMånad sedan
  • Your dad is a real g 💯💯💯😂 the ending was the best part of the video, man you lads have come a long way on the property, part 63 💯💯💯

    mohammed asammohammed asamMånad sedan
  • Ur family must be so proud off u guys thanku

    Sean HollwaySean HollwayMånad sedan
  • Such talent great job

    Sean HollwaySean HollwayMånad sedan
  • 21:58 Pops was gettin it 🤣

    shooter23231shooter23231Månad sedan
  • how about you name this the "Sanitarium" bein so bland on the inside, why not. Just imagine these boys wanted to ruin the exterior by mono toning it, like the inside. ok a little bit of black ascents is still stale

    Frank GFrank GMånad sedan
  • Pops lookes like a robot in the background lol!😂

    joe snyderjoe snyderMånad sedan
  • 21:57 Pops messing around in the box! Love it! We're gonna need more of Pops when you guys get back to cars!

    Phil TownesPhil TownesMånad sedan
  • Pop robot!!! Love it 😍

    Gavin WGavin WMånad sedan
  • Please put some beading under the stair treads to hide them crimes (Gaps) Great Job Lad's

  • Pops is a legend haha

    Tim PennyTim PennyMånad sedan
  • Pops won the internet.

    Jamie HagerJamie HagerMånad sedan
  • Need to caulk gaps on the stairs my ocd going nuts looking very good would love the spray machine but as u say lot of time for prep

    Neil MclellanNeil MclellanMånad sedan
  • Lol.......good 1 pops.....

    Robert SalazarRobert SalazarMånad sedan
  • Papa Goon dancing wearing the wine cooler box at the end is priceless

    Bruno TartariBruno TartariMånad sedan
  • Fastest most efficient way to paint ceilings ever is to have one person spraying the ceiling and they other come behind them and spread/smooth the paint with the roller.

    Kaiden GreenKaiden GreenMånad sedan
  • Goodbye floor

    brandon cannonbrandon cannonMånad sedan
  • what a Beautiful job Guys i just love watching you learn as you go and your doing a damn good job of it .Good luck with every thing and ill continue to keep enjoying to see what comes next .always be safe construction work is no joke it could be very dangerous iv seen it all in my almost 50 yrs of being in the construction business as a mason contractor .and my hobby is hot rods .

    Anthony AgugliaroAnthony AgugliaroMånad sedan
  • That was so funny with dad in the box lol

    Conner PylesConner PylesMånad sedan
  • Lmao at the end man,🤣

    Andy KnelsenAndy KnelsenMånad sedan
  • The fantastic insulation immunologically excite because argentina likely please beneath a gorgeous married. hilarious, vacuous hobbies

    Alex FloresAlex FloresMånad sedan
  • Pops at the end of the video is hilarious you guys are a kool squad. Great job

    Tajkumar RamkellawanTajkumar RamkellawanMånad sedan
  • jeesus get that railing up..kinda dangerous !! dont want no one to take a bad fall

    primalfury2011primalfury2011Månad sedan
    • Lol.. next video they do it.. ..thank god.. ol Pops dancing around made me hella nervous

      primalfury2011primalfury2011Månad sedan
  • Him: "Going for a farmhouse look..." Also Him: *has gold plated handles in kitchen* Amazing content anyways.

    Justin HakesJustin HakesMånad sedan
  • Good fookin vibes my dudes. Keep it up. I live seeing your parents in these videos with smiles on their faces. I can tell they are proud of you!

    Max GulliMax GulliMånad sedan
  • What a great dad you have pleasure to watch

    Anton KneubuhlerAnton KneubuhlerMånad sedan
  • What's up boys...great stuff as always! When do you think we'll ever see the attached garage build???

    Carl NelsonCarl NelsonMånad sedan
  • Their dad has been so helpful. God bless them

    julian maresjulian maresMånad sedan
  • Nice

    VisitMyShackVisitMyShackMånad sedan
  • Pops took the video to a whole new level...

    Rohan MaheraRohan MaheraMånad sedan
  • sponge pops square man

    George SGeorge SMånad sedan
  • pops in the box killed me lmao 22:00

    Jake's Variety ChannelJake's Variety ChannelMånad sedan
  • Is that an Awesom-O 4000!!!!! That is gonna be a smart house!

    Jessi JaynesJessi JaynesMånad sedan
  • i flippin love pops XD he's so cool bro

    Jai playlistsJai playlistsMånad sedan
  • That ending tho!

    cole ackercole ackerMånad sedan
  • It’s nice to see y’all are finally swinging Purdy brushes.

    Brandon CBrandon CMånad sedan
  • Guys, as much as I like your work...................are you going to sort out the side gaps on your stairs, (underneath your treads)? Shout out to pops at the end, he's cool ;)

    Street Wise-RayStreet Wise-RayMånad sedan
  • Pops is awesome! Glad to see your parents helping out so much!

    CarbonConcept25CarbonConcept25Månad sedan
  • A like 👍 just for pops 😂

    Lingwang HosaiLingwang HosaiMånad sedan
  • Why didn't you spray your ceilings?

    Ronald BairRonald BairMånad sedan
  • Lanbo Dad!

    Brent CompanionBrent CompanionMånad sedan
  • You’re Both married and live 2 gather and so which 1 of y’all gets the master

    THE Alpha teamTHE Alpha teamMånad sedan
  • hahahah 21:59 cool and funny

    Mr. SmartMr. SmartMånad sedan
  • Remarkable pops fun tym

    maxxdomon ghost of makzzmaxxdomon ghost of makzzMånad sedan
  • Proud Pops great father and a hard worker

    anand nandilathanand nandilathMånad sedan
  • Hahaha pops at the end what a legend

    Matt BeckhouseMatt BeckhouseMånad sedan
  • There adopted there’s no where in my mind that thinks there not like something isn’t adding up 🤔 wait that might be his wife’s parents 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Thomas VlogsThomas VlogsMånad sedan
  • Yooooo pops bombing the last set was great 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jonathan RidgewayJonathan RidgewayMånad sedan
  • Are you guys russian

    Sergey ZemlyankoSergey ZemlyankoMånad sedan
    • The family's roots are in Ukraine, from where Yury ('Pops') and Lyudmilla ('Moms') emigrated to the USA.

      John StedmanJohn StedmanMånad sedan
  • Oh my god. Pops w that box in a tshirt. I buy it now!

    Miguel Andres CastilloMiguel Andres CastilloMånad sedan
  • Lol your dad in the box 😂👍🏾 awesome!

    Captain 405Captain 405Månad sedan
  • Pops always the best!! On the final epic!

    Guilherme PoloniGuilherme PoloniMånad sedan
  • 22:05 Your dad is a 'LAN BRO' :-P

    RoboTeknoRoboTeknoMånad sedan
  • Great work guys love the videos.. keep em coming

    Joe CrawJoe CrawMånad sedan
  • You guys are machines!!!!!!👷👷👷👷

    Jason HavertyJason HavertyMånad sedan
  • Pops getting all Kanye at the end was class

    Dan PDan PMånad sedan
  • That was cool pops

    Manny CunhaManny CunhaMånad sedan
  • No water supply to the bathroom!! The plumber did not notice that!!

    Mike RomanageMike RomanageMånad sedan
  • Best video wrap up EVER!!

    Jeff SloanJeff SloanMånad sedan
  • You guys gonna post today

    Billy SloneBilly SloneMånad sedan
  • Pops loves hanging out with the boys!!!!! Great job fellas.

    Nolan Auto Carriers INC.Nolan Auto Carriers INC.Månad sedan